Trey Sebrell on giving to St. James’

I am Resurrection and I am Life, says the Lord. Whoever has faith in me shall have life, even though he die. And everyone who has life, and has committed himself to me in faith, shall not die for ever.

trey-sebrellAs a funeral director, I have seen many of my friends and fellow parishioners on the worst day or moment of their lives, the loss of a loved one. In that lonely hour, a member of the clergy from St. James’ is there to walk them through this difficult time. Most people don’t think about our clergy being out at 2:00 am, but I have seen them ministering compassionately to family members both day and night. I believe St. James’ Episcopal Church celebrates the living and the faithfully departed remarkably. From our funeral service based on the Easter Liturgy, the careful planning from our clergy, to the notes played by Don Messer and hymns sung by our choir, we are a family and a family celebrates together and grieves together.

My wife Deborah and I pledge because we believe in St. James’ Episcopal Church; it is our home. St. James’ is a wonderful place filled with many generous, loving people who work together, celebrate together and when the time comes, grieve together.

Deborah and I encourage you to give to St. James’ Episcopal Church because we are family.

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