Tommy Shepherd on giving to St. James’

tommy-shepherdWhy should anyone give to St. James’ Episcopal Church?

Aren’t there a lot of worthy causes out there to support, like Stewpot and Operation Shoestring? Why not just make contributions directly to them?

For our family, the answer is clear.

Mary Scott is a lifelong Episcopalian. We started attending St. James’ in 1984, and I was confirmed here in 1985.  We have contributed every year, and we started pledging so long ago that I frankly do not really remember when we began.

But we started pledging and have never stopped. Over the years, we increased our pledge when our resources permitted it. And we keep our pledge on bank draft so it is never a choice whether to pay the pledge this month or not—our pledge to St. James’ gets paid first.

But back to “Why do we pledge to St. James’?”

We pledge because the parish of St. James’—its people and clergy–have nourished our family, helped raise our two sons, guided us through crises, and molded and shaped us in ways that can only be described as God at Work in the World.

To us and to so many of our friends at St. James’ (friends that we did not have prior to coming to church here), this parish is our own particular brand of the Body of Christ in Jackson, Mississippi. Without the faith community of St. James’ and the vision of a few parishioners years ago, there might never have been an organization called Stewpot.

Stewpot does great work, and we support it and other causes in outreach. But at St. James’ the Body of Christ shares the Good News, baptizes new Christians, heals the spiritually afflicted, nourishes our souls, marries the joyful, supports us in crisis, and helps us mourn and bury the ones we love but see no more.  We are God’s hands and feet on this earth.

For Mary Scott and me, we cannot imagine our lives without receiving God’s love through the parish of St. James’ and what YOU have done for us. For that we are forever thankful and every year pledge to give back to God, through St. James’, a token of our gratitude.

We hope you also are thankful for the Body of Christ at St. James’ and will join with us in financial support of the great work we all do together.

Click here to submit your pledge today.