This Sunday at St. James’

Sunday, October 21, 2018



7:30 am Holy Eucharist Rite I

8:40 am & 11:05 am Holy Eucharist

Fill out and wear a nametag! Sharpies and nametag stickers are everywhere.

For your convenience, we now have seat cushions located in the back pews of the church. Assistive hearing devices, large print copies of the Book of Common Prayer, and prayer shawls to keep you warm, are also located in the Narthex.



Adult Sunday School Offerings: 10:00 – 10:50 am

Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John: How the Gospels differ and complement each other, with the Rev. Jamie McElroy, in Gray Hall, Room 103. Today: How Saul became Paul, according to the Gospel of Luke, vol 2 (also known as the Book of Acts)


This week, the lectionary throws us for a curve ball. All of sudden, it is Good Friday and we hear about God’s Suffering Servant (Isaiah 53:4-12). But why are we hearing this now? Theologian Juergen Moltmann says, “In the word of the cross the Crucified Christ speaks.” Put another way, the suffering love of Jesus is always speaking to us. Have we heard the Crucified God speaking to us? Have we responded to the cries of the suffering in our midst? See you Sunday, Father Seth+

Coffee, Donut & Fellowship Hour in Fowler Hall: 10:00 – 10:50 am

Youth Sunday School Class:

We will all gather together in the Youth Wing before splitting into groups. For the Fall there will be at least two groups. The Middle School Group will meet in the Youth Wing, and then will split into smaller groups based upon availability of teachers. We will then be using discussions, crafts, games, and other creative means to tackle tough questions about our faith. The High School Group will meet in the library, and for the next several weeks we will be taking an in depth look at the liturgies found in the Book of Common Prayer, and asking questions such as why do we do what we do? What changes have come about? What could change in the future? We will also try our hand at writing our own liturgies! Please make plans to join us! Friends are always welcome, and if you miss a week, don’t worry! Remember, as part of God’s creation you always have something of value to add, so Sunday School is always better with you there! -Abram

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd for Children: 9:50 – 10:50 am

5 pm Service:

WORSHIP TONIGHT ON THE LABYRINTH – As the weather SLOWLY cools down we are finally able to move our Sunday evening, 5 pm service back outside and take advantage of our beautiful worship space, the labyrinth. We will be under the guidance and direction of the incredibly talented Ann Phelps who has a myriad of creative styles of worship that blend so beautifully with liturgy on the labyrinth. All are invited to join us as we commemorate “St. James of Jerusalem-the Lord’s Brother”.


Mary and George Shirley in loving memory of Peggy and Bill Deavours

The Lowrance Family in thanksgiving for the life of Gary Lowrance

John and Dot Gibson in loving memory of their parents, Charles & Margaret Liles and Tom & Gene Gibson

Pat Mathews in thanksgiving for my family

C.C. Henley in loving memory of her father, Charles Boyce Henley

Doug Levanway in loving memory of Selene Levanway

Peggy Van Cleve in loving memory of Bill and Dan Van Cleve

Bob Carroll in loving memory of Alice Barnes Carroll

Pat & Alex Malouf, Gay & Rick Tompkins, Donna Jeane & Buster Norris, & Holli & Bill Malouf in Loving memory of Robert Abide Malouf, Jr.

Ann & George Newton & Family in loving memory of Dorothy Gayden

Susan Kile McMillan in loving memory of her parents, Clarene & Howard Kile

All the Lockeys in loving memory of Myron Lockey and in gratitude for all the wonderful memories

Stacy Lowrance in loving memory of my mother , Pat Lowrance and to all my pets

Martha and Bill Randolph in grateful thanksgiving for all of Gods gifts

Don’t Forget…

Sharing and Caring:

Trunk or Treat Artwork 2018Our October item for the month to share is Halloween prizes and candy to be used for our community Trunk or Treat on Halloween in our parking lot. This is a family friendly event geared to the neighborhood children and our own little ones as a safe alternative to trick or treating door to door. Please consider donating pencils, stickers, and party favors in addition to candy.

We have a year round calendar with a Sharing and Caring item for each month. When we come to worship on Sundays, remember to bring your donation so that we might share and care for one another.



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