St. James’ Clergy

Bishop Seage

The Right Reverend Brian R. Seage,

Bishop of the Diocese of Mississippi




The Rev. Jamie McElroy,

The Rev.Jamie McElroy has served as the 10th Rector of St. James’ Episcopal Church since July 2013.  Prior to his time at St. James’ he served as Canon for Outreach & Evangelism at St. Peter’s Episcopal Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Florida. Before that he spent four years as Director of Children, Youth & Young Adult Ministries at St. Bede’s Episcopal Church in Menlo Park, California. Jamie earned his Masters of Divinity at the Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkley, CA. and he was ordained at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Jamie and his wife, Peyton met as undergraduates at Yale, where Jamie got his B.A. in English Literature. Jamie found his way to the Episcopal Church at the age of 27 when he was baptized at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City. Peyton served as sponsor at his baptism and is, in a sense, his sponsor in all things, challenging and inspiring him constantly. Their two kids, John and Alice, bring joy and teach humility every day. Jamie was born and raised in Washington,DC and attended the DC Public Schools from kindergarten through high school. He credits his parents with planting the seeds of faith through their devotion to public service—exemplified by their devotion to the DC school system as teachers, activists, fundraisers, and volunteers.  You may contact Jamie at: 769-230-7250.

The Rev. Seth M. Walley
Associate Rector

The Rev. Seth M. Walley is a priest in the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi. Before his work at St. James’, Father Seth was the Episcopal Chaplain to the University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS. He also served as Assistant Rector of St. Peter’s in Oxford and Missioner of St. Stephen’s in Batesville. Seth was born on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, growing up in Moss Point, MS. He later attended the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) where he received a Bachelor of Business Administration.  After college, Father Seth was admitted as a Postulant for Holy Orders by His Grace, the Rt. Rev. Duncan M. Gray, III, former diocesan bishop of the Diocese of Mississippi. Seth attended Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, VA, and also studied at the Catholic University of America’s School of Theology and Religious Studies in Washington, D.C. While at VTS, Father Seth focused on New Testament studies, focusing on the non-disputed letters of St. Paul, with special emphasis in Galatians, Romans, and First Corinthians. During his spare time, Seth loves to read, cook/grill, and watch Ole Miss Rebel sports. You may contact Seth at: 601-966-8322.

ann mclemore

The Rev. Ann McLemore
Associate Rector

The Rev. Ann R. McLemore, a fifth generation Episcopalian; comes to St. James’ after serving for ten years in the Diocese of Southwest Florida: 5 1/2 years as Vicar of St. John’s Pine Island and 4 1/2 years as priest-in-charge then Rector of St. Giles’ in Pinellas Park. A graduate of Trinity University, San Antonio, TX, with a B.A. in Journalism; her path to ordained ministry was a bit untraditional. She was ordained deacon and then priest in the Diocese of Southeastern Mexico. Ann and her husband, Charles, lived for 22 years in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Charles was in the hotel business there; and Ann became very involved with the Iglesia Anglicana de Mexico on all levels and helped plant a new congregation in Cancun. After discerning a call to the priesthood; Ann ‘commuted’ for four years to The Anglican School of Theology in Dallas, Texas a weekend a month, from Cancun. Born in St. Louis, Missouri; our newest priest grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. The McLemores returned to the United States, Florida in particular, because Charles was from Panama City and was going to be going back into real estate work; as they arrived to their new home on Pine Island. In September 2008, Charles died from an aggressive cancer. No children, there has always been a ‘dog or two’ in the McLemore home. Our new bilingual/bicultural priest loves to fish, take pictures, and explore. Ann’s brother and family; and mother all live in Woodstock, Georgia. You may contact Ann at: 769-257-2377.

Abram JonesThe Rev. Abram Jones

Abram recently graduated from the Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas, where he focused on special needs ministry and canonical theology and history. Prior to starting seminary, Abram worked for the Duncan M Gray Camp and Conference Center, where he served in a variety of roles such as Camp Coordinator, Summer EMT, and Nature Permanent Staff. Abram holds a bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts from Sewanee: The University of the South, where he also spent a year as the Design and Production Intern for the Theatre Department. In addition to his responsibilities with the youth of St James, Abram serves the Diocese of Mississippi as a session director for Camp Bratton-Green, as well as on various Diocesan committees. Abram was ordained a deacon on June 9 by the Rt. Rev. Brian Seage, 10th Bishop of Mississippi. Abram and his wife Lucy Kay enjoy reading, board games, kayaking and camping, and hosting group events in their home. Abram and Lucy have a two year old named Maggie. You may contact Abram at: 769-223-2267.


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