Thanks Be To God!

Pledge 2018

Pledge cards for 2018 are now available for all St. James’ members to fill out and submit to the parish office by Sunday, October 8.
Earlier this year, we asked all St. James’ members to help discern a vision of God’s call to us as a parish. Now, as we look ahead to next year, we hope all St. James’ members will pledge to support that vision financially so as to fulfill our mission. So please prayerfully consider how much to give to the church in gratitude for all God has given, trusting that God’s grace is abundant and will flow without ceasing into all of our lives in the year ahead. Remember: we are all called to give from our hearts each in our own way, so no pledge is too small.
For questions or more information about pledging and stewardship, please contact Judy Johnson in the church office at 601-982-4880 or

To submit your pledge for the 2018 Stewardship Campaign, click HERE.

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