Parish Activities

If you would like more information or to volunteer for one of these groups, please contact  the Rev. Seth M. Walley.

Foyers – Fellowship, Food, Fun

Groups meet on a monthly basis from September through May and are led by a coordinator who hosts the first gathering.  Then, other members of the group take turns hosting.  Gatherings should last about two hours and the meals should be simple.  Each group establishes what day and time to schedule their gatherings, based on what works best for the members.  This is not your average supper club!  It’s so much more!  Members of each group vary by age, gender, and marital status. For more information contact the church office.

 Episcopal Luncheon Group

This group meets the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month in Fowler Hall for lunch, fellowship, and a program.

 Episcopal Church Women (E. C. W.)

Women of all ages and various views who share as common denominator the love of God and the wish to do God’s work – we are ECW, Episcopal Church Women. All women of St. James’ may choose to participate in monthly meetings – the fourth Thursday evening (5:30 to 7) of each month in the Oakridge Hall. Life for ECW begins in the local congregation and continues at the diocesan, provincial, and national levels. At St. James’, ECW draws women into many church and community functions and hosts the Advent Wine & Cheese Party.  ECW Bylaws.

 The Saintly Chefs of the Burnt Offering

This is the group that generously gives of its time and talents to prepare and cook for various parish wide events. Contact persons: Brandon King & Gib Ford.

 St. James’ Spring & Fall Picnics

You don’t want to miss our Parish Picnics!!  We have one in the spring and another in the fall, the picnics will follow the 5:00 pm Worship Service with lots of special activities.

 Shrove Tuesday Celebration

Shrove Tuesday is the day immediately before Ash Wednesday, named for the “shriving” or confessions and absolution our in the Parish Hall.

The Saintly Chefs of the Burnt Offering serve a traditional Cajun supper. There is music, and a children’s parade is led through the Parish Hall. The event concludes with the Burning of the Palms, which were saved from the previous Palm Sunday and will be used for the next day’s Ash Wednesday services.  Many volunteers are needed for this memorable event!

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