Art for the Soul

Art for the Soul


The Order of the Daughters of the King (DOK) here at St. James’ Episcopal Church began a new ministry in May 2017, Art for the Soul. Each month different artists have their pieces displayed in Fowler Hall, including paintings, photography, and other forms of art, such as pottery, jewelry and mosaics. This program allows the artist to showcase and sell art to the members of St. James’ as well as others who attend various programs throughout the month.  DOK will use its proceeds from Art for the Soul to support outreach ministries. Please come visit our display in Fowler Hall. Purchases can be made by contacting DOK at or by calling Cathy Richardson at 601-572-5096 about making a purchase in June.


We are pleased to introduce you to August’s featured artist, Janus Dantes.

Born in Lima, Peru and raised in a land not his own from childhood, artist Janus Dantes faced an uphill battle. Growing up with Tourette’s syndrome, an alcoholic and neglectful father, and later paranoid schizophrenia, he painfully soaked in the inspiration that would one day be portrayed in his artwork. Through his long and hard search for meaning he wound up in Mississippi for rehab, but it didn’t take. Unleashed he turned to crime and harder drugs, and eventually after six months of incarceration in Rankin County Jail he left. But over time God reached out and turned his heart of stone into one of flesh. He received bible education at Canaanland. A place so deep in the middle of nowhere Alabama that you have to go towards town to go hunting. And after that year, although it was a bumpy road, selling cars and driving 18-wheelers, he eventually made it home to the hospitality state a changed man. Completely self taught, he followed the Spirit’s leaning and began painting and hasn’t stopped since. His mission now is to start a ministry right here in Jackson that will help troubled teens and young adults channel their issues through art therapy instead of drug abuse. 

If you have any questions, special requests, or would like to make a purchase please contact: Helen Graham at or 601.953.6111.