St. James’ welcomes you

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Our Mission: To Grow in the Knowledge and Love of God as revealed in Jesus Christ.

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Excerpt from Father Seth’s Homily:

 “So as followers of Jesus, we know we should give and give generously. But a question still arises- why give to St. James’? After all, can’t I do just as much good by donating directly to Stewpot or Gateway Mission? You could do that. However, I want to offer to you something you may not know about how your pledges and offerings are used here at church. You see, despite the expensive cars in our parking lot and the fancy clothes on our backs, there are people hurting in this church- hurting spiritually, hurting physically, and yes, hurting financially. Through my discretionary fund this year, I’ve been able to keep somebody’s water turned on, help someone else get the money for a medical procedure, and gotten someone else into recovery due to substance use disorder. Actually, I didn’t do any of those things- y’all did, through your pledges and gifts. And those people helped by your giving could be sitting right next to you this morning. When you give to St. James’, you don’t give to bricks and mortar. You give to flesh and blood. And giving of ourselves for each other, well… isn’t that what Jesus came to teach us how to do?”


We hope you will join us for Sunday worship (7:30 am, 8:40 am, 11:05 am and 5 pm) at our location in Jackson’s historic Fondren district. Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to keep up with the exciting activities going on at our church.

If you have any questions, please contact us at our church office
at 601-982-4880. 

4 Responses to St. James’ welcomes you

  1. Patti atchison says:

    Is there a memorial fund for Frances Ann that we can donate to. She was a classmate and fellow dancer of my daughter in Gainesville Florida and I want to do something to acknowledge that beautiful child. Her loss has sent ripples through or community too. But we are in the process of moving and their address is loaded up in boxes I can’t get to! Thank you!!


    • Patti – Thank you so much. Yes, there is a memorial fund through St. James’ Church. You may mail a check to the church office at 3921 Oak Ridge Drive, Jackson, MS 39216 or you may click the donate button on the website, If you choose to donate online, please specify that you are making a donation to Frances Ann Fortner’s memorial and include your name(s) and address for the acknowledgements that will be sent to her family and also back to you. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact the church office at 601-982-4880. We are so sorry for your loss.


  2. Michael Craig says:

    Is it possible to view the funeral livestream of Frances Fortner’s funeral?


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